Veteran Completes 22-Hour Workout to Raise Awareness for Veteran Suicides

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Adam Cooper joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss his pledge to raise more awareness of veteran suicides by completing a 22-hour workout to remember those we have lost. Cooper was joined by Army veteran Lowell Koppert as both exercised on treadmills at Max Fitness Center in South Carolina. 

During hour 15 of his 22 hour workout, Cooper shared that he was inspired to do this workout because veteran suicide prevention is an important cause, adding that he knew he needed to do something “extreme and radical” to bring attention to it. 


Koppert shared that, although he is suffering from nerve damage, he is joining Cooper to show support for the cause. Local gym members, veterans, and family members have also made their way to the gym to speak with Cooper and show their support.

Cooper explained that upon returning from battle, veterans who are used to being “go-getters,” having “camaraderie” with their fellow soldiers, and having structure find it difficult to adjust back to civilian life. 


Cooper shared that people can show their support by reaching out to veterans they know and donating to to help bring more awareness to the problem in the veteran community.

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