West Virginia AG Reacts to Supreme Court’s Ruling on Vaccine Mandate

On Friday morning on Fox and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to discuss the results of the Supreme Court ruling on President Biden’s vaccine mandate. As one of 27 states that sued the federal government over the mandate, the Attorney General shared his reaction. 

Although AG Morrisey celebrated the Court’s decision that OSHA does not have the power to enforce a vaccine mandate, he is disappointed that healthcare workers did not receive the same ruling. Concerning the President’s power, he added “we have to continue to fight Biden’s federal overreach. Every single day there is a growing list of cases and examples of why [President Biden] is not adhering to the rule of law. It’s deeply disturbing.”


In response to Ainsley’s question about why the Court ruled differently for healthcare workers and businesses, AG Morissey noted that the federal money that flows to the states is what made the difference. 

Ainsley also asked the Attorney General about the serious fentanyl crisis facing the country and his tougher approach to handling it, to which he replied that he has sued the Homeland Security Department for their fentanyl policies and is going down to the border himself in a few weeks. 


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