Will Witt Discusses the March Against Mandates

Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Will Witt on Monday’s FOX and Friends to discuss the protest against vaccine mandates that was held in Washington, D.C over the weekend. With 50,000 people joining the protest from all over the country, Witt shared that the enthusiasm and support was better than they could have hoped for as thousands of Americans united together to defend their freedom and stand up to politicians. 

Witt shared that the march was about the mandates, which he referred to as “draconian measures,” that are making people lose their livelihoods and having a negative impact on children. He explained that the effort reaches across party lines as Democrats and Republicans have shown support in the fight against mandates. Witt shared that everyone came together recognizing that “America is the country that was founded on individual liberty,” and being able to make our own choices regarding personal decisions is incredibly important. 


Witt added that his motivation for speaking comes from fighting for the truth and personal freedom, which these mandates have threatened. Although the march organizers have received no response from leaders at this point, Witt is optimistic that they will hear from them soon.


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