Wisconsin Brewery Crafts Authentic Ukrainian Beer to Fundraise for Ukraine

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, the owner of Bare Bones Brewery, Dan Dringoli, described his efforts supporting Ukraine. Dringoli is crafting a Ukrainian beer that will be sold with the proceeds being donated to Ukraine. 

Dringoli explained that he wanted to find a way to help Ukraine, and came across the idea of crafting an authentic Ukrainian beer to sell to fundraise. He found a brewery from Ukraine that provided five recipes for brewers around the world to reproduce for the cause. The brewery that provided the recipes from Ukraine is not active right now; they have put all of their efforts into creating Molotov cocktails as the country continues to defend themselves against Russia. 


Dringoli shared that he believes the efforts will be successful, noting that they have 8 barrels made and have pre-sold nearly half of them already. 


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