With Over $2 Million, Knights of Columbus Aids Refugees in Poland and Ukraine

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Knights of Columbus director Szymon Czyszek to discuss how the organization is operating in Ukraine and Poland to help refugees. The Polish chapter of the Knights of Columbus has raised over $2 million to provide aid and assistance to those fleeing Ukraine since Russia’s invasion. 

Czyszek explained that the Knights of Columbus have a presence on both sides of the Poland-Ukraine border, distributing medical supplies, food, clothing and other necessities at their locations. He shared that members of the Knights of Columbus receive messages asking if they can take care of wives and children. Czyszek noted that families trying to flee are traveling for three days to get to the border and while they are getting closer to freedom, they are also getting closer to having to make a difficult decision, or being forced to, as men ages 18-65 are required to stay in Ukraine to defend their country. Czyszek described one family’s situation where a husband was able to cross the border with his wife and three very young children. 


The long journey is not easy, especially for young children who need to travel for three days while hungry and confused about the situation. The Knights of Columbus have set up tents to welcome refugees and provide them with the necessities that will help them get through these dire circumstances. 


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