WV Governor Boasts Business is Booming Amid Largest Tax Cut in State’s History

West Virginia governor Jim Justice joined FOX and Friends Thursday morning to discuss the largest tax cut in the history of West Virginia. Justice shared that West Virginia is on a pathway to totally eliminate personal income tax, while they have cut taxes for small businesses by 50%, eliminated car taxes, and more. 

“Businesses are moving to West Virginia like crazy,” Justice said, adding that he is proud of all that they have accomplished to help people live better lives. 


The people of West Virginia have a shared set of values that reflect the decision to cut taxes, and it’s drawing others to the state. Justice said West Virginians know the difference between right and wrong, and they want the best for their communities, not just “what they can get by with.”

With some speculating whether Justice will run against Joe Manchin in the Senate, he shared that he is seriously considering running for the office. Justice is polling much higher than Manchin, but said that the only reason he would run for Senate is because he is worried about America. Justice said he will not tease people and he will make an announcement once he makes the decision. 


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